Large Mentors, Digital Lifespan and the “Digital Lifestyle”

Large Mentors, Digital Lifespan and the “Digital Lifestyle”

Digital Life is an educational and research project about dramatically rethinking the human-computer interface, especially with reference to the utilization of digital devices. It combines physical and digital realms into one. Our body interacts with electronics in very similar way mainly because it would which has a tv or computer monitor. The important to this re-designing of interaction lies in the development of an entirely new human software, whereby each worlds can communicate collectively in innovative ways, and not through a traditional computer keyboard and mouse set-up.

The digital existence project are at its center a online community project. Rather than viewing life coming from a “view from above”, the methodology encourages visitors to see lifestyle from the point of view of others, in all its dimensions. People living in digital worlds are “on the other side of the viewing glass, ” aware that the social media and electronic devices each uses every day to provide a great number of opportunities for the purpose of self-expression and social chatter, but also aware that others can be equally as interested in what they have to say, and can share that content with these people as well. This can help to give a richer sort of social showing that can just come from a first-person narrative, rather than a storyline told from behind a computer monitor.

The ultimate purpose of the task is to design and style products and applications that help people create a digital lifestyle, one out of which they are always active in the web based business aspects of the lives, nevertheless also active in the real world digital aspects because well. This will enable them to live “life as they want to live” about both digital and substantial terms, creating multiple revenues of cash flow, while at the same time reducing the amount of time that they are prone to the vagaries of the overall economy. For some persons, the aim might be anything more simple, just like getting a six-figure salary out of an online business. For others, the aim could possibly be something more ambitious, including starting a whole new business from scratch, using digital tools to get there. Whatever the case, the aim is always going to be the same: enriching the lives of others, and building lasting cultural ties which could last a lifetime.

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